Invitation Pairs Winners

All we can say is that this was another of the truly epic finals at Lochee. Ronnie Duell, Kenny Devlin Vs Don Cobb, Grant Tosh. This was another great game played out on the next rink to the balloted pairs final being played at the same time. It was a nip and tuck game all the way, with Ronnie and Kenny establishing a small lead only for Don and Grant to level it up with one end to go. Which left it all to play for, and the crowd watching with no finger nails left. The last end started which left Don and Grant lying the shot with one bowl to come, Ronnie never a man to be phased by the occasion, and In typical Ronnie style he took it in his stride and pulled out a show stopper of a shot to win the game. Those who watched were truly amazed and yet fully gutted for the winner and runner ups on one hell of a roller coaster ride. Well done to all.